Cloud Computing

managed support

We become your IT Service Department, which means your business becomes our main focus and we in-turn, look after all your business' IT needs without the overheads. We can provide support towards your business that adheres to your business trading hours, even offering after hours support. 

Managed Support

Understanding your business is our objective. Knowing how you operate and how you want to grow, enables us to work on solutions that you may not have thought of before.

cloud computing

Cloud computing is becoming more readily available for users, worldwide. Let us work out how we can integrate cloud computing, in order to enhance your work experience. 


We focus towards your business needs, so in-turn we can provide the best solutions for your business to grow - without the IT speak and headaches.

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IT Solutions

for a worry free business environment


1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Enterprise Solutions

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

We also provide an audit service to work out if your current IT needs are being met. We evaluate, recommend and even look for independent IT providers on your behalf, if a birds eye service is required from us. We can even hire staff on your behalf. In other words, we can work on any business IT requirements you need.


Cloud Computing

Managed Support

IT partner with a shared vision.

Solutions provided from Web SEO solutions to full complex network infrastructure, has been implemented successfully throughout Australia. From our technology to project management solutions, we have been able to enhance full managed multi-state sites and even small businesses.


Cloud Computing has provided extensive IT Cloud solutions for our clients, especially in the medical and health industry. Innovative cloud solutions such as; work away from your office, on work, on adhoc sites - can be achieved with the right solutions. Let us plan your business needs.

Managed Support is ongoing within iRONiq Technologies. This is made prominent through, our mission to provide our clients with the best IT and Business support possible. We understand your business, therefore our support provided is customisable in order to augment your IT experience. We provide both onsite and offsite support, anywhere within the country - making no job too small. We understand the frustrations associated with IT issues, thus we strive to solve any problems as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Enhanced Managed Support can be arranged for limited hours, full business hours and flexible hours; such as after hours support. We will work with you to construct, the most effective supporting arrangement.