We provide a wide range of support for your business. Below are some of the specialised support areas, however call us and we can work together on your business requirements.

Auditing - A Second Opinion

Sometimes you need to know if your IT Department is doing its best for your business or simply you need to support your business by providing a new set of eyes to enhance your IT Department. We can certainly help you establish a benchmark or even help your IT Department get over challenges by working together.


Auditing helps your business know where you are up to and provides valuable information on how to move towards the right direction.

Network Services and Support

Our expert staff in network architecture and design, can help you overcome bottle necks or even redesign your network to the best possible solution.


Our services provide real time monitoring and support. Supporting your network will ensure your business is able to move, be flexible and secure at all times.


Network Support is critical, to ensure your IT backbone is able handle your day to day operations, without worry.

Managed Services - IT Support

Having IT Support at your fingertips, provides you and your business with the peace of mind that there is always someone that you can call on. Whether to resolve the most simplest of things or even the most complex of tasks.


Providing a help desk or customised support, is what we do and we do it well. We cannot stress the importance of your business, as our philosophy is if we are able to help you grow - we grow with you. Our interests, is for your business to succeed as we aim to be a partner for the long run.

IT Consultancy

A fundamental aspect of understanding technology, is the ability to knowledge transfer what we know to a simple way, so we all can understand.


Our consultancy services, provides simple IT solutions in a complex IT world, without the complex language.


We aim to provide feasible realistic solutions, ensuring your budget is respected and that the solution meets your business needs. 


From Project Management, to helping you with your staffing requirements or even education recommendations - we can help you with these or even implement the best solution on your behalf.

IT Project Management

At times, you may only need someone to project manage a complex or simple IT solution. We can help either, your IT department to run a project or run a full IT project for your business.


From Network Infrastructure to telecommunications or Systems solutions, we have the right knowledge and experience to handle these projects.


Prince Methodology can be applied or a project management solution that you prefer, can be used to manage any project you need.



ISP Services and Selection

Your Internet services

Choosing the right solution to cater for your business can become challenging. Especially when, your business grows and has multiple sites that needs to be connected all together.


We can help you. 


We work with TIER 3 (backed-up services) that can provide stable and cost-effective solutions for your internet and multi-site connections.


Evaluating your business requirements, choosing the right connection and then presenting you with the ISP (Internet Company) information, will be transparent and easy to understand. Even implementing the solution can be done with our team.